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Lean Team Pro Tips

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Lean team filmmaking tips, sage wisdom, and the occasional withering critique of the documentary film industry,
all based on my book, Get Close: Lean Team Documentary Filmmaking.

Click to watch a short reel of my ten favorite lean team documentary films.

Lean Team Pro Tip #1: Learn and practice, learn and practice

I shot my first film, 30 Frames A Second, in 5 days. I then spent a few more days writing a script, and edited the doc in 7 days (I’d rented an edit suite and could only afford a week’s worth of time). The movie probably cost me about $9,000 to make, and most of that was my own in-kind contribution of time and gear to the project. I never applied for funding, hired an executive producer, attended a pitch session, or got anywhere near a post-production suite. I then sent the film out to a few film festivals without [...]

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