A film by Rustin Thompson

"Beautifully shot, excellently edited and so raw and personal and tender it held me from start to finish."
–Jane Winslow, Co-director and Programmer, Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival
"A poignant portrait. The way the story unfolds...is particularly affecting. Lovely."    –True/False Film Festival
"Extremely high quality and emotionally wrenching."    –Social Justice Film Institute
"Highly rated!"   –Hot Docs Film Festival

This project was supported, in part, by a grant from 4Culture.

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Donna is 84-years old. She lives alone on the property she’s owned for over half a century in rural Washington State, with a mobile home and a house that are both cluttered with junk. She exists on a school bus driver’s pension, social security, and Medicare. She’s never had a credit card, never voted, and never flown on an airplane. Quietly stubborn, she is estranged from all surviving members of her family, except for one–her son, the filmmaker–who rarely visits her. When her health begins to fail, she calls on him.

My Mother Was Here
TRT: 75 minutes
Writer, director, cinematographer, editor, sound recordist:  Rustin Thompson
Executive Producers: Mark Achbar, Rachel Price
Associate Producer:  Ann Hedreen
Colorist and DCP Mastering:  Eric Rosen
Audio Engineer and Sound Design:  Tom Pollock

Rustin Thompson is a filmmaker and writer. His book, Get Close:Lean Team Documentary Filmmaking, has just been published by Oxford University Press. To learn more about the book and Rustin's other work, go to rustinthompson.com.

Contact:  rustin@whitenoiseproductions.com