“An impressive work…a magnum opus.”

–Independent Feature Project, New York

“A captivating insight into profound philosophical questions.”

      –True/False Film Festival Screening Committee

“Mesmerizing…essential, stimulating, challenging ideas flow in visceral images.”

        –Greg Olson, Author, David Lynch: Beautiful Dark

“Haunting and illuminating…radiates with an emotional charge.”

                           –John Trafton, Ph.D, Lecturer in Film Studies, Seattle University

“Evocative, surreal…a slow fever dream.”

                –Kaleena Kiff, Producer, Barney Thomson

A film by Rustin Thompson

Part diary, part essay, part documentary, and part fiction. In this homage to Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil, an unseen woman reads from the letters, postcards, and emails she’s received over the years from a globe-trotting cameraman, her former lover and colleague. He shares footage with her from his more than three decades of filming around the world, reflecting on his experiences during this time of democratic instability, climate catastrophe, runaway technology and a global pandemic. Meanwhile, the woman is torn as to whether to reunite with him or not.