The Last 27

The last twenty-seven films I’ve watched.

1/poor   2/nothing remarkable   3/worth noting    4/memorable     5/excellent

Killer Joe  (William Friedkin)    2.5/5

State of Siege  (Costa-Gavras)    4.5/5

Bad Boy Bubby  (Rolf de Heer)   3.5/5

Heaven’s Gate  (Michael Cimino)    5/5

The Swimmer  (Frank Perry)    4.5/5

Mountain  (Jennifer Peedom)    4/5

Dekalog: #5  (Krzysztof Kieślowski)    3.5

Dekalog: #4  (Krzysztof Kieślowski)    3/5

Oppenheimer  (Christopher Nolan)    2/5

The Last Waltz  (Martin Scorsese)    5/5

The Last Laugh  (FW Murnau)    4/5

Theater Camp  (Molly Gordon, Nick Lieberman)    2.5/5

Barbie  (Greta Gerwig)    4/5

The Getaway  (Sam Peckinpah)    4.5/5

Talk To Me  (Danny Philippou, Michael Philippou)    4/5

A Touch of Zen  (King Hu)    5/5

O Brother Where Art Thou  (Joel and Ethan Coen)    4/5

How To Blow Up A Pipeline  (Daniel Goldhaber)    4.5/5

Chile 76  (Manuela Martelli)    2.5/5

Dawn of the Dead  (Zach Snyder)    5/5

Syriana  (Stephen Gaghan)    4.5/5

Junior Bonner  (Sam Peckinpah)    4.5/5

The Mother and the Whore  (Jean Eustache)    5/5

Fallen Angels  (Wong Kar Wai)    4/5

Only in Theaters  (Raphael Sbarge)    4/5

One False Move  (Carl Franklin)    3.5/5

Chungking Express  (Wong Kar Wai)    4/5