The Last 27

The last twenty-seven films I’ve watched.

1/poor   2/nothing remarkable   3/worth noting    4/memorable     5/excellent

Five Easy Pieces  (Bob Rafelson)    5/5

 Sue Bird: In the Clutch  (Sarah Dowland)    4/5

The Silence  (Ingmar Bergman)    5/5

North by Northwest  (Alfred Hitchcock)    4.5/5

Hana-Bi (Fireworks)  (Takeshi Kitano)    4/5

Days of Heaven  (Terrence Malick)    5/5

Winter Sleep  (Nuri Bilge Ceylan)    3/5

Three Days of the Condor  (Sydney Pollack)    4/5

The Delinquents  (Rodrigo Moreno)    3.5/5

Ishtar  (Elaine May)    1/5

The Thin Red Line  (Terrence Malick)    5/5

Zone of Interest  (Jonathan Glazer)    4/5

Touch of Evil  (Orson Welles)    4.5/5

Vortex  (Gaspar Noe)    3.5/5

Out of Darkness  (Andrew Cumming)    2/5

Heaven Can Wait  (Ernst Lubitsch)    4/5

Come and See  (Elem Klimov)    3/5

20 Days in Mariupol  (Mstyslav Chernov)    5/5

Twisted Pair  (Neil Breen)    3/5

God is a Bullet  (Nick Cassavetes)    1/5

Osaka Elegy  (Kenji Mizoguchi)    4/5

Bullitt  (Peter Yates)    5/5

No One Will Save You  (Brian Duffield)    3.5/5

Smoke Sauna Sisterhood  (Anna Hints)    3.5/5

The Eternal Daughter  (Joanna Hogg)    3/5

The Devil is a Woman  (Josef von Sternberg)    3/5

The Greatest Night in Pop  (Bao Nguyen)    1.5/5