The Last 27

The last twenty-seven films I’ve watched.

1/poor   2/nothing remarkable   3/worth noting    4/memorable     5/excellent

Shame  (Ingmar Bergman)    5/5

Cemetery of Splendor  (Apichatpong Weerasethakul)    3/5

Bergman Island  (Mia Hansen Love)    4/5

Westfront 1918  (G.W. Pabst)    4.5/5

The Tragedy of MacBeth  (Joel Coen)    3.5/5

The Defiant Ones  (Stanley Kramer)    3.5/5

Bad Grandpa  (Jeff Tremaine)    3/5

Deliverance  (John Boorman)    5/5

Army of the Dead  (Zach Snyder)    2.5/5

Babel   (Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu)    4/5

Spencer  (Pablo Larrain)    4/5

Amores Perros  (Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárrtu)    4.5/5

Licorice Pizza  (Paul Thomas Anderson)    4.5/5

Paper Moon  (Peter Bogdanovich)    4.5/5

What’s Up Doc?  (Peter Bogdanovich)    4.5/5

The Last Picture Show  (Peter Bogdanovich)    5/5

Targets  (Peter Bogdanovich)    4/5

The Lost Daughter  (Maggie Gyllenhaal)    4/5

Coming Home in the Dark  (James Ashcroft)    2.5/5

Undine  (Christian Petzold)    4/5

Come True  (Anthony Scott Burns)    2.5/5

Beirut  (Brad Anderson)    3/5

Michael Clayton  (Tony Gilroy)    5/5

Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream  (Frank Beauvais)    4/5

The Shape of Things to Come  (Lisa Malloy, J.P. Sniadecki)    4/5

Azor  (Andreas Fontana)    4/5

Don’t Look Up  (Adam McKay)    4.5/5