The Last 27

The last twenty-seven films I’ve watched.

1/poor   2/nothing remarkable   3/worth noting    4/memorable     5/excellent

Past Lives  (Celine Song)    2.5/5

Maestro  (Bradley Cooper)    4.5/5

The Homecoming  (Fielder Cook)    4/5

A Christmas Carol  (Clive Donner)    2.5/5

Cloverfield  (Matt Reeves)    4/5

Fast Charlie  (Phillip Noyce)    3.5/5

Fallen Leaves  (Aki Kaurismaki)    2.5/5

Godland  (Hlynur Pálmason)    3/5

After Sherman  (Jon-Sesrie Goff)    2.5/5

Silver Dollar Road  (Raoul Peck)    2.5/5

May December  (Todd Haynes)    3.5/5

The Parallax View  (Alan Pakula)    4.5/5

Bringing Up Baby  (Howard Hawks)    3.5/5

A Thousand and One  (A.V. Rockwell)    3.5/5

The Bad Sleep Well  (Akira Kurosawa)    3.5/5

Sam Now  (Reed Harkness)    3/5

Chinatown  (Roman Polanski)    5/5

John Wick: Chapter Four  (Chad Stahelski)    3.5/5

Afire  (Christian Petzold)    2.5/5

High and Low (Akira Kurosawa)    5/5

The Holdovers  (Alexander Payne)    4.5/5

The Round-Up  (Miklos Jancso)    2.5/5

Lolita  (Adrian Lyne)    4.5/5

McCabe & Mrs. Miller  (Robert Altman)    5/5

Zoolander  (Jerry Stiller)    4/5

How To Blow Up A Pipeline  (Daniel Goldhaber)    4.5/5

Nothing Sacred  (William Wellman)    4/5