The Last 27

The last twenty-seven films I’ve watched.

1/poor   2/nothing remarkable   3/worth noting    4/memorable     5/excellent

The Souvenir II  (Joanna Hogg)    4/5

Children of Men  (Alfonso Cuaron)    5/5

Trouble in Paradise  (Ernst Lubitsch)    4.5/5

The Last Temptation of Christ  (Martin Scorsese)    4.5/5

The Trial  (Orson Welles)    4.5/5

Cow  (Andrea Arnold)    4.5/5

You Won’t Be Alone  (Goran Stolevski)    4/5

Deep Water  (Adrian Lyne)    2.5/5

Lovers  (Louis Malle)    4/5

Wings  (Larisa Shepitko)    4.5/5

The Cranes Are Flying  (Mikhail Kalatozov)    5/5

Drive My Car  (Ryusuke Hamaguchi)    4/5

CODA  (Sian Heder)    3.5/5

Letter Never Sent   (Mikhail Kalatozov)    3.5/5

Sundown  (Michel Franco)    4/5

Red Rocket  (Sean Baker)    4/5

I Love You to Death  (Lawrence Kasdan)    3/5

Ride the High Country  (Sam Peckinpah)    4/5

Il Grido  (Michelangelo Antonioni)    4.5/5

The Hand of God

The Worst Person in the World  (Joachim Trier)    4/5

 Pig  (Michael Sarnoski)    3.5/5

Southland Tales  (Richard Kelly)    3/5

Dune  (Denis Villeneuve)    1/5

Orpheus  (Jean Cocteau)    4/5

New Order  (Michel Franco)    4.5/5

Sometimes A Great Notion  (Paul Newman)    3.5/5