The Last 27

The last twenty-seven films I’ve watched.

1/poor   2/nothing remarkable   3/worth noting    4/memorable     5/excellent

Thunder Road  (Jim Cummings)    4.5/5

Pasolini  (Abel Ferrara)    3.5/5

American Factory  (Stevan Bognar, Julia Reichert)    4/5

The Souvenir  (Joanna Hogg)    3.5/5

Echo in the Canyon  (Andrew Slater)    2.5/5

The Proposal  (Jill Magid)    2.5/5

Woodstock  (Michael Wadleigh)    5/5

The Limey  (Steven Soderberg)    3.5/5

The Beach Bum  (Harmony Korine)    4.5/5

Saint Jack  (Peter Bogdanovich)    3/5

Angels Are Made of Light  (James Longley)    2.5/5

The Distant Barking of Dogs  (Simon Lereng Wilmont)    2.5/5

The Rules of the Game  (Jean Renoir)    5/5

Gloria  (John Cassavetes)    3.5/5

Roma  (Alfonso Cuaron)    4.5/5

Relaxer  (Joel Potrykus)    3/5

Jackie Brown  (Quentin Tarantino)    4/5

The Last Black Man in San Francisco  (Joe Talbot)    3/5

Meet the Parents  (Jay Roach)    2/5

Streetwise  (Martin Bell)    5/5

Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood  (Quentin Tarantino)    4.5/5

The Exterminating Angels  (Jean-Clause Brisseau)    2.5/5

Too Old To Die Young  (Nicolas Winding Refn)    4.5.5

Bitter Money  (Wang Bing)    2/5

City Lights  (Charlie Chaplin)    4.5/5

Homo Sapiens  (Nikolaus Geyrhalter)    5/5